Building Automation – We think in systems



We seek to provide first-hand recommendations for all of the solutions that optimally serve your needs, and this is why we start providing help as early as drafting a concept.
High quality designs including anything up to manufacturing level designs make it possible to install building management systems that will be best suited to your investment and operational costs.

We will help you:
  • Clarify the implementation job, both for the developer and the tendering companies.
  • Complete implementation in less time, yet with professionally sound technical content.
  • Create a level of comfort that complies with expectations and achieve optimised energy consumption across the facility.


For implementation assignments, we will design the automation system and purchase and deliver any required system elements, complete on-site installation—including the delivery of powertrain and automation switch cabinets and the installation of cable network necessary for operating the automation system—as well as programming tasks, doing so in line with the General Contractor’s schedule. We will complete commissioning for the entire automation system in cooperation with our partner contractors.
We will provide training for operators and specialists operating the system to ensure that systems are run efficiently and the necessary interventions are made in a professional manner.
Our 20-year implementation track record gives us experience from the successful implementation of priority automation system projects like Groupama Aréna, the Castle Garden Bazaar, Allée Shopping Mall, the National Institute of Oncology, Müpa Budapest and the National Theatre. You can have full confidence in our expertise and experience, what is more, we also have a sufficient number of qualified staff for meeting even tight implementation deadlines.


Regular and proper maintenance helps maintain the system’s operational reliability and can also contribute to reducing any additional energy consumption resulting from equipment wear.
Our automation specialists are available for conducting regular preventive maintenance or reviews for the sake of efficient operation.


Expectations set for various areas inside buildings may change several times over the course of a building’s lifecycle, and this may also entail the modification of the automation system. For instance, where certain parts of a building are remodelled (e.g. creating an open office layout, need to increase level of comfort or conserve energy).
Modernisation jobs can also arise on account of environmental protection or if more energy needs to be saved and replacement may also become necessary due to obsolescence.
Whenever the above needs present themselves, we will develop a retrofit or modernisation programme that is compatible with equipment already installed and can be linked to the existing system.