Building Automation – We think in systems

Our company’s advantage

Seven-pillar Model

Based on our industry experience, we have developed seven criteria for performing our work to help efficient cooperation with our partners.

1. Reliability

We seek to establish long term business relations that are beneficial for both parties in every case. We therefore attribute critical importance to your being able to rely on us not only during the tender and the contracting stages but even after a project has come to an end. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems. We will strive to assist you with advice and efficient solutions.

2. Audited operation

Comprehensive documentation is essential particularly in major projects. That is why we have both our ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management system and our ISO 14001:2005 compliant environmental management system audited every year.

3. A professional team

Any company can only function as well and only develop a reputation as good as its employees work. We keep this in mind when selecting all of WELLTECH ZRt’s staff members to create a team that works efficiently as a unit.
Not only do we get the job done, but also we get involved in any task with dedication and responsibility to guarantee your satisfaction.

4. Services and training

Complex systems also need knowledgeable users and operators, who are not only familiar with their systems, but also know how to operate them. Our company therefore offers a wide range of training courses for operators to cover every detail of your installation. Additionally, we also offer tailor-made service level agreements that guarantee you the highest level of convenience and reliability.

5. Creativity and fresh impetus

Are you looking for a partner who can dedicate all of its experience and knowledge to delivering a solution to the task at hand? Are there any other alternatives that suit your needs even better?
Let us find you the optimal solution so that you can be rest assured that you are spending your money in the most effective way and you will be satisfied with the system we implemented even years down the road.

6. Environmental protection and ergonomics

Not even the best system can operate perfectly if it is implemented solely from an engineering and technical point of view, while its users are being ignored. That is why we take care to tailor all of our systems to the needs and habits of the everyday user, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. All of this will help you preserve the environment and save money.

7. Experience and references

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner for the implementation and operation of building management systems. The professional credentials and enthusiasm of our colleagues, our company’s functional management, and our references are the guarantee for our experience.